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Chlorination Systems

Opt for a safe and cost effective solution to chlorination, our range of Electrochlorination products do not require you to introduce chemicals and are marked for being environment conscious and reliable.

Electrochlorination (or electrolytic chlorination) is a safe, reliable and efficient method for the on-site generation of dilute sodium hypochlorite. With the advancement of technology over the last decade, and the inherent safety and environmental benefits provided by this method, electrochlorination is rapidy becoming the choice method of chlorination across the water treatment industry.

Reducing the cost of chlorination and eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals transportation,handling and storage, Hyprolyser® systems generate a non-hazardous sodium hypochlorite solution (below 1%) using, salt, water and electricity.

Hyprolyser® Compact and the new Hyprolyser iSEC range now bring the benefits of on-site hypochlorite generation within reach of any chlorine user. The iSEC is ideal for hotel, hydrotherapy and school swimming pools, secondary disinfection in building services applications, cooling towers and smaller scale industrial processes.

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