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Chemical Dosing Accessories

Here you will find all of our dosing accessories for our chemical dosing equipment including transfer pumps, injector fittings, valves and dosing tanks, mixers and dilutor systems, and ID labels/tags for safety and easy maintenance. Find more details below or click on a category to see individual products - you can also contact Gaffey Technical Services directly with any enquiries.


Including motorised diaphragm valves and spring-loaded safety isolating valves for use in bulk tank installations and to prevent unmanned filling of day tanks.

Chemical Transfer Pumps

A range of transfer pumps and chemical transfer pump spare parts to make it easier and safer for personnel to transfer chemicals between tanks.

Chemical Dosing Tanks

Dosing tanks for a variety of applications, including tablet mixing baskets, bulk chemical tanks, bund tanks and chemical day tanks, all available in various sizes or call for specific enquiries.

Dosing Pump Injector Fittings

Chemclear rodding injectors for scale removal on calcium hypochlorite dosing systems and Gaffey's exclusive SV series of withdrawable type injection assemblies for safe use in low-pressure pool dosing applications.

Electric Water Treatment Mixers

Includes electric water mixers for use in general dosing applications, plus manual agitators for manual mixing of day tanks from 50L to 500L.

Acid Dilutor Systems

Systems to dilute hydrochloric acid to 3-10% concentration to fill chemical day tanks. Can be wall-mounted or tank-mounted and the orientation of suction and discharge hoses adjusted as required.

Other General Dosing Equipment & Accessories

Safety labels to warn of the need for protective clothing in the presence of hydrochloric acid, calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulphate, sulphuric acid and carbon dioxide, as well as soda ash labels and ID labels for main pools, diving pools and teaching pools - plus more! Call for more information.

Adhesive ID Labels

Adhesive warning labels for conduits and ducting to highlight the presence of acid, hypochlorite, PAC, carbon dioxide, sample flow and sample return.

ID Tags for Injection Points, Valves & Dosing

A selection of durable vinyl ID tags to warn of acid, PAC, hypochlorite and carbon dioxide injection, as well as chemical dosing supply and return points.

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