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Flocculant Dosing Systems and Water Treatment
Treatment Chemicals

Dry flocculant water treatment chemicals are supplied in highly concentrated dry powder form which removes the need to transport large volumes of liquid and store liquid chemicals on-site. In use, the powder concetrate can be diluted down to treat large volumes of water, promoting the rapid formation of micro and macro-flocs; binding very small particles together so that they are much easier to remove by conventional filtration.

How do dry flocculant water treatment chemicals work?

There are two main stages to using dry flocculant water treatment chemicals. The first is to dilute the dry powder into liquid form, and the second is to treat the pool water directly. A 2kg container of dinofloc Active Concentrate makes 33 litres of active liquid flocculant. In hard water areas it is sensible to dilute using 30 litres of water, but the dosing rate can be reduced accordingly so no overall efficiency is lost.

In use, the diluted liquid flocculant is delivered into pool water at a continual steady rate using a suitable dosing pump. This encourages small particles and contaminants in the pool to form larger clumps or 'flocks' which are then removed more quickly and effectively by the pool filters.

Where are these water treatment chemicals used?

Dry flocculant water treatment chemicals are ideal for use in general pool water treatment applications, and particularly where there is a desire to avoid personnel handling liquid chemical agents.

Each dinofloc package contains four 2kg containers equivalent to 132 litres of liquid polyaluminium chloride (PAC) and can be diluted in a day tank with simple tapwater. In addition to swimming pools and spa pools, it is suitable for use in other applications including public water features/fountains and drinking water treatment - just ask if you need more guidance on a specific application or environment.

Day tanks and dosing pumps for flocculant chemicals

Check our Dosing Pumps and Dosing Accessories pages for equipment suitable for dosing flocculant chemicals, including day tanks in our Chemical Dosing Tanks category. Here you will also find electric and manual agitators that can be used to mix and chemicals quickly and keep sediment forming chemicals in suspension.

For any other enquiries about flocculant chemicals, including specialist equipment for flocculant dosing or any other aspect of using dry flocculant chemicals in pool water treatment, call Gaffey today or fill in our online contact form for a response within 24 hours.

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