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Electrolytic Chlorination Systems and Electrochlorination
Chlorination Systems

Safe & efficient in-situ generation of sodium hypochlorite

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems offer a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly way to provide chlorine for a wide range of water disinfection uses.

Using only salt, water and electricity to produce hypochlorite, each Hyprolyser model offers exactly the same quality of performance and benefits. Whether you are looking to disinfect a spa pool or provide enough chlorine to treat millions of litres of drinking water per day, there's a Hyprolyser system available to perfectly fit your needs.

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Why use electrochlorination?

Using salt as the raw material to generate your own supply of hypochlorite offers several advantages. Salt is a widely available commodity used in many commercial and industrial settings and is competitively priced for both small and large users. Compared to commercial chemicals salt is very safe and easy to store, has an infinite shelf life and requires minimal packaging which can be easily recycled.

Using only salt, water and electricity, Hyprolyser® systems efficiently generate a supply of dilute sodium hypochlorite <1%, below the threshold for classification as a hazardous substance.

With safe, economical chlorination using salt, water and electrical energy, the Hyprolyser® iSEC system produces a clean, non-hazardous solution of sodium hypochlorite (<1% Cl2) on demand. The hypochlorite solution is produced on demand and transferred to a product tank ready for use with standard dosing pumps or, optionally, injected directly into the pool circulation line.

Where can these Electrolysers be used?

Hyprolyser® Compact and the new Hyprolyser iSEC range now bring the benefits of on-site hypochlorite generation within reach of any chlorine user. The iSEC is ideal for hotels, hydrotherapy and school swimming pools, secondary disinfection in building services applications, cooling towers and smaller scale industrial processes.

Safety conscious
  • Delivery and Storage of SALT
  • COSHH not applicable
  • NO toxic dangers to staff & neighbours
  • NO hazardous waste disposal
  • NO chemical handling

Easy to use

  • Fill saturator with salt
  • NO remedial maintenance of chlorine injector
  • NO technical intervention required by the operator
  • Low hazard system


  • Minimal recyclable packaging
  • Reduced transportation
  • Low environmental impact


  • Annual Test & Inspection
  • 2 Year Service Interval
  • 2 - 5 Year Warranty
  • 6 - 8 year typical electrolyser life


  • Low cost of salt
  • Reduced pH correction chemical costs
  • Reduced operator labour
  • Low service costs

Electrochlorination - low hazard and easy management

The benefits of using this method of chlorination are many; the avoidance of risks which occur through frequent chemical deliveries and handling, reduced health & safety management, a low-hazard workplace and reduced disinfection costs are just some of the benefits Hyprolyser can bring to your operation. Commercially produced hypochlorite products can quickly begin to degrade during storage. Using food grade salt and potable quality supply water, Hyprolyser generates a fresh, high quality hypochlorite solution everyday, on-demand.

Electrochlorination (or electrolytic chlorination) is a safe, reliable and efficient method for the on-site generation of dilute sodium hypochlorite. With the advancement of technology over the last decade, and the inherent safety and environmental benefits provided by this method, electrochlorination is rapidy becoming the choice method of chlorination across the water treatment industry.

Reducing the cost of chlorination and eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals transportation,handling and storage, Hyprolyser® systems generate a non-hazardous sodium hypochlorite solution (below 1%) using, salt, water and electricity.

Electrolyser design

All Hyprolyser electrolysers are manufactured and assembled by hand in our factory in Lancashire. Meticulous attention to construction detail and thorough testing guarantee efficient output, robustness and long term reliability. For peace of mind all our electrolysers are provided with a 5 year limited (pro-rata) warranty.

Process control

The whole of the electrolysis process is controlled using our specially developed, dedicated software. All key performance parameters are monitored and can be accessed remotely via Modbus output.

Our service to you

Support Services & Training

Our system specifiers can be confident that safe, correct installation and high quality maintenance can be provided through our network of approved Service Partners. All Service Partners receive training to enable a comprehensive understanding of installation, service requirements and ensure the integrity and performance of our products at all times.

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