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Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation & control equipment serves an important purpose, for example, ensuring ideal water chemistry is maintained, water storage or balance tank levels are controlled, and workplace environments are monitored for the presence of noxious gases.

By installing quality instrumentation you can achieve highly accurate and responsive control, more efficient process management and gaurd against unwelcome outcomes such as:

  • Wasteful or potentially hazardous overdosing of chemicals.
  • Poor water hygiene.
  • Noxious gas release due to failed equipment or operator error.
  • Loss of facility use due to late detection of equipment problems.

Gaffey's range of instrumentation & control products meets all of these different demands, with systems suitable for a variety of different environments and applications.

Instrumentation & control for pool water

Closely monitoring and controlling chlorine and pH levels in pool water is essential to ensuring public safety and the safety of personnel working in and around the water.

Systems like chloriDES controllers do this by continuously monitoring water quality and delivering necessary dosing in real time to tackle water disinfection demands.

Of course, any automatic monitoring system of this type must also be regularly checked against manual test results. The HydroQuant 701c Test Kit is a convenient handheld device for measuring a wide range of water quality parameters such as pH, alkalinity, chlorine, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and aluminium; all the parameters needed for precise monitoring of your water disinfection and flocculation regime.

Instrumentation devices such as these help deliver the ultimate goal; keeping your pool water irritant-free, hygienically safe and visually attractive for your customers.

Instrumentation & control for storage tanks

Storage and balance tanks are used in a wide range of facilities and environments, from pools to public water features, private potable water systems and grey water recycling plants.

Level Control Solo provides reliable real-time monitoring of tank levels in unpressurised storage, using non-contact hydrostatic measurement which means it can be used even on aggressive liquids.

When a below-ideal level is measured, Level Control Solo can activate automatic refeed, and also accurately shows the liquid depth on a digital display for personnel to inspect as required.

Instrumentation & control for gas levels

Monitoring gas levels, leaks and accumulation is essential to protect personnel and customers, especially in areas where gases may be prone to accumulate.

Gaffey supply chloriGAS gas detectors which are effective for use in and around swimming pool plant rooms, chemical storage areas and also in industrial settings.

The system can detect chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone, with switched alarm relays that trigger when an unacceptable level of toxic gas is detected.

Meanwhile for carbon dioxide monitoring, our CO2 gas detector is useful in commercial pools and anywhere with underground spaces or restricted ventilation where CO2, which is heavier than air, might naturally accumulate in hazardous quantities if leakage were to occur.

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