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Instrumentation & Control

Gaffey's range of instrumentation for water quality and treatment includes liquid tank level controllers, devices that allow accurate pH

control for swimming pools, and many others. Just follow the links below to find out more about any of the products in our range.

What is instrumentation and control in water treatment?

Instrumentation and control in water treatment systems is your way to automatically monitor and respond to various levels, whether that is a tank level controller to monitor liquid levels in a container, automated pH control for swimming pools, or chlorine gas detection alarms.

These are products designed with a singular purpose in mind - to maintain optimal conditions in a specific environment, from storage tanks, to swimming pools, to personnel areas and plant rooms.

Why is instrumentation and control important?

Monitoring and correcting levels - or sounding the alarm when concentrations get too high - is important in a range of different settings, and especially where people come into direct contact with a potentially irritant substance such as chlorine.

This includes maintaining bathing water at a level that does not irritate the skin, and even more crucially, alerting personnel when chlorine gas starts to accumulate at dangerous levels in a confined space.

Where is instrumentation and control equipment needed?

Instrumentation and control equipment is needed in and around all kinds of water systems, from tank level control to pH control for swimming pools, as well as to detect chlorine gas that may accumulate in surrounding areas and enclosed spaces like plant rooms and personnel rooms.

We are happy to help you to identify where to install instrumentation and control equipment, as well as the correct equipment for your particular location - just contact Gaffey Technical Services and our team will do their best to help you make your decision.

What products can Gaffey offer?

We have a variety of instrumentation and control equipment for specific applications, including:

  • chloriDES controllers to monitor and meter chloride values in water.
  • Level Control Solo, a hydrostatic tank level controller.
  • chloriGAS gas detection systems to prevent toxic exposure to chlorine gas.

These give you accurate monitoring of levels along with automatic response to suboptimal levels through automatic refeed, metering and alarm states.

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