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Chlorine Dioxide Monitors

Pools equipped with chloriDES controllers benefit from cutting-edge water treatment control system technology to monitor water values

and automatically respond by dispensing water treatment chemicals in real-time when they are needed. Find out more about chloriDES

controllers below or contact Gaffey Technical Services direct for expert assistance with all your enquiries.

How do chloriDES controllers work?

Using chloriDES controllers is easy. Each two-channel chloriDES Professional controller monitors water values in real time and can control two separate metering systems to dispense water treatment chemicals when needed. This creates versatile instrumentation and control for a wide variety of applications and settings, where consistent water quality values are preferable.

The standard configuration detects free chlorine levels via the potentiostatic method, water pH levels and temperature, with optional redox (reduction/oxidation) measurement and control available as an upgrade. Results are displayed in easy-to-read numbers in real time, with traffic light status LEDs to indicate at-a-glance the status of pH and disinfection levels.

Where are these types of controllers used?

Thanks to their modular design, chloriDES controllers are highly versatile and adaptable for many different environments where water instrumentation and control is needed. This ranges from pool water treatment in commercial pools, to water play parks and splash zones, areas of standing water in theme parks and in wastewater treatment.

As well as keeping water clean and safe for bathing without irritation, chloriDES controllers are also used for Legionella control in water storage systems, with continual monitoring of the environment so that water treatment chemicals can be automatically and continuously maintained.

What are the features of chloriDES Professional controllers?

Each chloriDES Professional controller has a number of analogue and digital inputs, along with a selection of outputs that provide on/off switching, three-point step outputs, pulse frequency and pulse length. Dosing pumps can also be connected via the two-way heavy-duty relay interface for 230V motor and solenoid pumps.

Further features include:

  • Integrated 24-hour chart display.
  • Individual LED status indicators on flow switches and measuring cells.
  • Instant green/red status LEDs to show correct operation.

To find out more about our chloriDES controllers, contact Gaffey Technical Services today by telephone or by filling in our online form for a prompt response from our team.

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