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Chlorine Gas Detectors

As part of our range of chemical control systems, we stock a range of gas detection equipment for use in personnel areas, plant rooms and chemical storerooms. Find products here
which provide you with accurate and reliable gas monitoring, designed and manufactured by Gaffey.

What is a gas detector?

A gas detector is an instrument used to prevent toxic exposure to a number of different gases, thereby preventing hazards that can be caused as a result of gas leaks, such as fires or chemical injuries. Gas detectors are usually fitted in areas where machinery is used which employs gas to function. Some common environments include water treatment plants and commercial swimming pools.

How does it work?

A gas detector measures a specified concentration of gas in an area. The detector contains a sensor which monitors a pre-set safe level of gas, and activates an alarm to warn the user if this level is passed. Gaffey's gas detection systems are designed with powerful, accurate technology, which alerts you to hazardous gases to the ppm (part per million). Our products are sensitive to a range of gases that could be harmful or dangerous in the event of malfunctioning machinery. If you own or work in an environment which is at risk of harmful gases it is important to establish a gas detection system as soon as possible to protect employees. Call us or fill in our contact form to speak to a member of the team about which options are best for you.

Why do I need to install one?

Health and safety are of the highest importance in any situation where potentially toxic substances are being used. This situation could range from whether you are concerned about the visitors to your swimming pool, or the stability of an industrial plant or chemical room. Consider areas which do not see regular human occupancy. A detector may be positioned at the entrance to this area to be reviewed by employees prior to entering.

How can Gaffey help?

Gaffey manufactures a range of reliable gas detection equipment for use in personnel areas, plant rooms and chemical store rooms to give you peace of mind. But our variety of safety conscious products does not stop here. Gaffey's Control Level Solo, which measures the Hydrostatic level of liquids in non-pressurised tanks, is capable of detecting changes in cm of liquid immediately and alerting surrounding people to this change.

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