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Tank Level Control

Tank level control is an important part of making sure liquid levels in storage tanks stay where they need to be. Gaffey Technical

Services supply the Level Control Solo device for unpressurised tank level control, giving a real-time measurement of the liquid

depth in centimetres.

How does tank level control work?

Level Control Solo is our hydrostatic tank level measurement device, and part of the Gaffey instrumentation & control range. Because it uses hydrostatic measurement, none of the functional parts of Level Control Solo make direct contact with the measuring medium or head space - so even aggressive liquids can be measured without damage to membranes, transmitters or pressure sensors in the equipment.

In which applications is this type of control used?

Tank level control is used anywhere you need to monitor liquid levels in storage tanks and other containers, for example to monitor the levels in dosing stations as part of pool water treatment and activate automatic refeed if the level drops below the minimum acceptable depth. With a clear three-digit digital display that updates immediately, you can also see at a glance the current level, allowing for early manual intervention.

Level Control Solo can also be used in other wet environments, including water play & features with little to no standing water depth and which are open to environmental pollutants. Again, Level Control Solo provides real-time monitoring of tank levels and automatically switched refeed, as well as clear digital display of liquid depth for manual inspections.

What features does Level Control Solo have?

In addition to those already mentioned, Level Control Solo has a range of other features, including:

  • 2 digital control inputs:
    • overflow monitoring
    • external locking during filter backwash
  • 3-digit self-illuminating digital display of liquid depth in cm
  • 4 potential-free switched outputs:
    • collective alarm
    • dry run protection
    • filter pump
    • automatic refeed
  • 5 status LEDs to indicate if the system is working correctly.

The wall-mountable housing enables easy reading of the display, which updates immediately when liquid levels change, while the separate terminal box offers IP65 protection. For any more information or enquiries about Level Control Solo, please get in touch today by filling in our online form or giving us a call.

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