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Water Quality Instruments and Chemical Control

Safe & reliable alarm systems and dosing chemical controllers

Water quality monitors ensure consistent values during drinking water treatment, pool water treatment, waste water treatment and other applications.

Gas detectors and alarm systems monitor for the build-up of potentially harmful and toxic gases, especially in indoor settings. This allows action to be taken to ventilate the area and to prevent further release of hazardous gases.

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Why use monitoring systems?

Monitoring and control systems like ChloriDES Professional are an important way to maintain water chemistry, reducing waste by preventing excess dosing of water treatment chemicals.

ChloriDES Professional continuously monitors water values including:

  • Free chlorine
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Optional redox measurement and control

To monitor levels of a single toxic gas in the environment, ChloriGAS Gas Detection Systems offer one-button operation to make them as simple as possible to use.

ChloriGAS comes equipped with integrated indicators and alarm state sounder, as well as alarm and fault relays that can be used to switch external devices.

Finally to monitor carbon dioxide levels, our CO2 Gas Alarm System includes a main panel and a secondary repeater unit on a long 9m cable, and is ideal for enclosed spaces like plant rooms and basements.

These systems are critical to guarantee the safety of personnel and any nearby members of the public, with simple alarm states that leave the operator in no doubt.

Why use water treatment control systems?

ChloriDES Professional includes two control channels, which allows it to automatically switch dosing equipment in response to the water quality levels it detects. Analogue outputs can also be used to relay the measurements to another device.

A pair of heavy-duty relays allows dosing pumps to be connected directly to the output channels of ChloriDES. Outputs can be configured in a variety of ways:

  • Potential-free electronic switching
  • On/off relay outputs
  • Pulse frequency
  • Pulse length
  • Three-point step output

Simple green/red LED indicators show the status of each measuring cell and flow switch, for at-a-glance operator confirmation.

Together all of these features add up to comprehensive monitoring and control during water treatment operations, for continuous confirmation of water quality conditions.

Where can monitoring and control systems be used?

Hazardous gas monitors like chloriGAS and our CO2 Gas Alarm System should be used wherever water treatment may result in an accumulation of toxic gases.

This especially includes enclosed spaces like plant rooms, and basements where heavier-than-air gases may settle in large quantities.

ChloriDES Professional can be used across a wide range of settings and applications, including:

  • Pool water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water treatment in theme parks
  • Legionella control

Our Service Partners can ensure monitoring and control systems are correctly installed and configured, as well as positioning them in the best place for optimal gas detection.

With a variety of alarm indicators and sounders and/or green-red status LEDs, your monitor systems can be installed in operator line-of-sight, within audible range, or make use of the repeater unit to relay the state of the CO2 Gas Alarm to another position within 9m.

Our service to you

When you choose water treatment monitoring and control systems from Gaffey, you can rest assured of safe and correct installation, as well as ongoing high-quality maintenance.

We provide maintenance and servicing via our network of approved Service Partners. All have received full training to give them a deep understanding of installation and maintenance of our systems, and to ensure peak performance from all of our products.

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