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Industrial Water Treatment Chemcials and Bulk Pool Chemcials

Gaffey Technical Services supply specialist water treatment chemicals for water chlorination and disinfection, which can keep water safe

for human contact at all times. We supply bulk pool chemicals in liquid form as well as highly concentrated dry flocculant chemicals.

How do specialist treatments and chemicals work?

Bulk pool chemicals are supplied in concentrated liquid or dry powder form, and are released into the pool in small quantities to maintain water chlorination levels at a precise value. This makes the water inhospitable to a large range of common bacteria, while commercial pool water treatment chemicals can also combat chlorine-resistant pathogens as well.

Water treatment chemicals can be dispensed automatically using dosing equipment, while dry powdered chemicals can be diluted down many times to reach the ideal concentration, which saves on storage space and also means personnel do not have to handle water chlorination chemicals in liquid form.

Where are these treatments and products used?

Specialist water treatment chemicals are used anywhere water needs to be made safe for human consumption or bathing, ranging from potable drinking water supplies to commercial swimming pools, which is probably the most widely known application for water chlorination.

We supply commercial pool water treatment chemicals and dosing systems for water chlorination ranging from one small pool to bulk pool chemicals for large leisure complexes which may have multiple swimming pools, plunge pools, hot tubs and so on.

What does Gaffey sell in line with this type of water treatment?

Click through to any product page for more detailed information about each of our water treatment chemicals. They include TCDO/chlorine dioxide for pool water chlorination and preventing the formation of biofilms, along with fighting chlorine-resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Pseudomonas.

At Gaffey we understand that water treatment needs to be a sensitive and precise procedure. This is of optimum importance when the water has to be safe for human contact. Take a look at our products here which protect against organic, bacterial and parasitic contamination, the LegioCid Plus Spa Pool Decontamination Kit allows you to ensure that all wetted surfaces are clean and treated.

Our dry flocculant chemicals include , a dry pool water treatment in highly concentrated form, which reduces the need for storage space and can be diluted down to the desired strength when needed. For more help with any of these products, give Gaffey a call today or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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