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Sensitive Area Disinfection

Floating mats, inflatables, swimming aids, pool covers, overflow channels and pool decks are known as problem areas when it comes to disinfection. Foam based materials can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria (particularly Pseudomonas aerug.) when they are frequently in contact with the skin and used and stored in warm conditions. Traditional disinfecting agents and cleaners need to be thoroughly rinsed from such surfaces –meaning a labour intensive and costly exercise. Cleaning fluids often find their way into the pool, causing problems for the filtration and disinfection plant and creating undesirable disinfection by products responsible for odour and irritation.

LegioCid® uses Wapotec's patented TCDO (tetrachloro-decaoxygen compound) to produce chlorine dioxide in combination with chlorine, to treat the entire spa pool, pipe circuit, balance tank and filter. It is widely acknowledged that chlorine dioxide is highly effective in removing biofilms, a slimy film of bacteria that can harbour and protect harmful pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas from normal chlorine disinfection.

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