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Water Testing and Water Test Kits

Double check automatic testing results with our manual water testing kits

Manual water testing provides an important backup and double check for automatic monitoring, or for one-off testing of water quality in any setting.

Our test kits and testing dyes give you everything you need for manual checks, including rapid and easy to read results, and reagents for a range of different water quality parameters.

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Why manual water testing is important

Even if you have automatic water testing to monitor your pool water quality on an ongoing basis, it's sensible to combine this with regular manual testing using one of the kits we supply.

Manual water testing is a useful way to check a variety of water quality parameters when automatic testing is not available, or as a way to verify the automated result is accurate as part of planned maintenance.

The HydroQuant 701c Test Kit is a 7-in-1 handheld testing kit for parameters including:

  • Alkalinity
  • Aluminium
  • Calcium hardness
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Cyanuric acid
  • Free and total chlorine
  • pH

It's an all-in-one portable kit that contains all the liquid reagents required for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and pH tests, plus solid tablet reagents for cyanuric acid and aluminium testing.

How testing dyes help with pool disinfection

T-Black Testing Dye is a two-stage indicator dye for use in pool disinfection and to check hydraulic circulation in pool water.

It can be used in several ways:

  • Pool hydraulics testing to show water currents and any areas with poor circulation
  • Dosing chemicals residual distribution to indicate potentially uneven dispersal

A single bottle can test swimming pools with volume up to 500 cubic metres, with testing completed and the pool usable again usually within 4-6 hours.

This works to ensure chemical dosing agents and flocculants are circulating fully around the pool to reach all areas, and to ensure no parts of the pool water are unintentionally left stationary during normal use.

Where can water test kits be used?

Water testing kits can be used in commercial pools for pool water treatment, as well as on water features and wet play areas.

They make an excellent companion to chemical dosing systems and flocculant water treatments, by showing the dispersal of water treatment agents.

They also work well in conjunction with automated water monitoring and control, as a way to verify the results obtained from those devices.

Use water testing kits to check a range of parameters in different environments including:

  • Commercial and public swimming pools
  • Children's splash parks and play fountains
  • Theme park water features and pools

Fast, affordable and easy to use, these kits are highly portable, versatile and make a good temporary solution while automated testing is offline for maintenance.

Our service to you

Our water testing kits are straightforward and simple to use, and give you everything you need to obtain an accurate result, including liquid and tablet reagents where necessary.

By regularly testing your water quality and circulation, you can identify any need for maintenance work, which we can then carry out via our network of approved Service Partners to restore peace of mind that your pools and water features are safe for use.

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