Agricultural Applications

Animal Husbandry

Minimising any risk

Sustainable gains in milk productivity, reduced incidence of disease and increased well-being in farm herds are all compelling reasons to select our water treatment systems.

Our chlorine dioxide technology offers farm operators a significant advantage by allowing chemicals to be located up to 50m away from the generator. Chemical transfer is achieved under vacuum conditions, thus minimising any risk posed by chemicals being stored close to animals or farm staff.

Sustainable and still very effective disinfection can be achieved with electrolytic chlorine solutions, offering high levels of safety where only salt, water and electricity is required to generate chlorine on site and on demand.

chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Our chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide generators represent a unique milestone mark in the development of safer and more efficient disinfection systems, also offering detailed operational data output via Modbus, ethernet or GSM to make the management of multiple systems a much easier task.

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

iSEC's smaller capacity is ideal for bore-hole and private drinking water systems to ensure chlorine solution is always freshly supplied and low in chlorate content, guaranteeing the highest water quality.

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