Effluent & Waste Water Treatment

A Cost effective, environmentally sound alternative

Chlorination using gaseous chlorine and commercial hypochlorite is commonly used for wastewater disinfection, but environmentally friendly alternatives are becoming a priority for the sector. With no toxic chlorinated by-products and a low dose rate, Chlorine dioxide treatment of wastewater offers a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that is ideally suited for wastewater applications.

ClO₂ is able to cope with turbid waters, and requires low maintenance – making it an ideal alternative to UV systems. Unlike UV, ClO₂ will also remove both H2S odours and the sulphide reducing bacteria that cause odour complaints and corrosion.

ClO₂ degrades to harmless salt in waste water networks, making it an ideal environmentally friendly alternative.

For low-cost disinfection and decontamination of process effluent and waste-water outflows, our technology provides safe, reliable and consistent performance for this critical application.

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems

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