Commercial Swimming Pool Industry Applications

Municipal Facilities

For community pool and multi-pool leisure facilities, our systems represent an ideal chlorine production solution. They employ Gaffey’s unique, patented technology which combines robust volumetric water and brine measurement with a reliable gravity-feed electrolytic process.

Municipal Facilities

Municipal facilities are generally smaller than aquatic centres but have the same disinfection goals: maintaining the correct pH and chlorine levels to prevent recreational water illnesses, control legionella and restrict algal growth. With limited staff, a user-friendly, low maintenance disinfection system becomes even more important.

When groups of young children visit, bather pollution can spike very quickly. Other users like canoe or scuba clubs add further contamination, making filtration, flocculation and disinfection vital to maintain water hygiene and control DBPs.

The British-built, easy-to-use Hyprolyser® generates hypochlorite on-site from common salt and water using Gaffey’s unique, patented technology – safely, ultra-reliably and with pin-sharp accuracy. With no hazardous chemicals plus reduced packaging and transportation, it’s also more sustainable.

Hyprolyser® can deliver significant savings, generating your own chlorine with low-priced salt as its raw material, minimal labour and service costs plus reduced pH correction chemical consumption. Hyprolyser also offers increased site safety and eliminates COSHH administration.


Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

Hyprolyser® Compact is the ultimate on-site chlorine generation system for a Facility Management organisation wishing to employ the most cost effective and safest chlorine regime in their day to day operations.

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