Small Water Schemes

Independent regulatory compliance

Water utilities are struggling to cope with an increase in water connection demands which has given rise to smaller schemes independent of public networks.Often sourced from watercourses, private reservoirs, springs or bore holes, water can quickly become contaminated with waterborne bacteria or algae growth.

With a high level of regulatory approval, our Hyprolyser® electrochlorination and chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems can provide regulatory-compliant solutions to these facilities, and also to stand-alone water supplies which serve large commercial consumers.

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

iSEC's smaller capacity is ideal for bore-hole and private drinking water systems to ensure chlorine solution is always freshly supplied and low in chlorate content, guaranteeing the highest water quality.

chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems

When iron and manganese are present in drinking water and you want to minimise excessive THM and high levels of DBPs often associated in heavily chlorinated water, Chlorine Dioxide treatment provides an effective method of addressing both needs.

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