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Equipment Servicing

Equipment Servicing

Planned maintenance of water treatment hardware

Gaffey offer planned maintenance services for water treatment hardware to diagnose any problems before they are able to cause damage or create downtime in mission-critical equipment, and to keep your products operating within the terms of your warranty.

Again, our engineers' considerable expertise and experience means they are able to detect possible problems and incorrect installation or usage, and take action against this before it becomes a costly interruption to your business.

Planned maintenance schedules are not just about spotting developing faults - they are also an opportunity to keep equipment clean and in good working order, which in turn reduces the risk of faults developing in the future, and helps you to achieve maximum efficiency and value for money on your operating costs.

Reactive servicing, refurbishment and repairs

Our one-off call-outs and on-site service agreements mean that if and when a problem occurs, you can rely on our knowhow to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, while taking action to prevent further outages in the future.

Gaffey works with it's trade customers by running regular training events for the members of our Approved Installation & Service Partners scheme, a nationwide network that brings Gaffey's expertise to your local area so when you need reactive servicing, there is a knowledgeable engineer nearby.

With our workshop refurbishments and repairs, this creates a fully flexible response to equipment malfunctions and damage during operation, giving you comprehensive coverage as part of our joined-up approach to supply, installation, servicing and support.

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